Thursday, January 18, 2007

New kid on the blog

Hi! My name is Carol and I live in Western Australia with my husband Ming and my two gorgeous girls Chloe and Paige. I’m a 38 year old spring chicken (after all, you’re only as old as you feel and age is only a number!) who’s just called truce with the computer, the internet, and the web. You see, up until Tuesday, I was computer illiterate and could’nt care less, but because of my love for food and my passion for cooking and baking, I finally caved in and got my dear friend Deon to show me how to work this damned machine. I must say that at this point in time, I have finally made peace with the computer and it’s allies though I must stress that because I’m new at this, I will take longer than most bloggers to put up new posts and photos.

Who am I? I’m a homebody (if there’s such a word!) because my whole life revolves around my wonderful husband and two girls. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret that I never went to University or never completed my hospitality course and never had a career. If I could turn back time, I would do this all over again, because I was made for this. I just LOVE looking after my family, making a beautiful and comfortable home for them, cooking and baking for them.

When I have some alone time, I spend it watching movies, reading foodie magazines and more recently, food blogging. I also have another passion,- art and crafts. I have a studio where I do ceramic painting, mosaic mirrors and chandeliers made from recycled copper cables. But that’s a whole separate blog! I love dining out with family and friends, trying out new restaurants then coming home and experimenting on the tasty dishes I tried based on memory of the taste and flavors.

When I feel the need to splurge, I visit homeware shops.This is because besides loving to cook, bake, dine out etc. I have a weakness for kitchen stuff and Egyptian cotton bedlinen. This ‘weakness’of mine more than rarely causes my husband Ming to be nervous. He ‘fondly’ refers to the objects of my weakness as “doodads” and himself as the “cash-cow” cum “camel”. Why “camel” you ask? He says it’s because he has to carry all the shopping too!

Well, before I finish off with this introduction, I’d just like to say that I have started this blog so that I can share my recipes and family life with anyone who bothers to read about them. On some occasions, this blog will be an outlet for my whining and whingeing . Most Importantly though, this blog is for keeping in touch with old friends and possibly making new ones. Thanks for visiting!