Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hello Kuala Lumpur!

We were greeted with a hot steamy bowl of crabmeat sharksfin soup for supper on our arrival at Gasing Hill where we were staying. This was the real Mc Coy, - not the new agar-agar based imitation, and at RM 12.00 each, it was a real steal! Dad brought out the Martell VSOP and we all (except for Ming , my sweet other half, who wheezes at the whiff of alcohol ) added a dash of it into our bowl of comfort. This is the way to start a holiday!

Our Holidays are very much about eating, and I make no apologies for that. There’s this Restaurant in New Town Petaling Jaya that you should visit if you are in the area, Sri Karak but beware of Market Price Seafood dishes. Always ask to view the seafood item that’s been weighed and the price for the dish before placing your order. If you do this, I assure you , you and your tummy will be very happy. Sri Karak has a wide selection of local favourites at very reasonable prices, its clean and air-conditioned.

Food is not just a survival necessity in Malaysia, eating is a cultural aspect. We even eat as we are shopping, and that is why you will see quaint little food stalls lined up amidst boutiques and departmental stores.