Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What more could I ask for?

Going back to my Food Adventures in Kuala Lumpur, I thought I should give 'House & Co. a bit of a highlight. Why? Because they have two of my pet passions under one roof - Homewares and Beautiful Food! House & Co. is situated in Bangsar Shopping Centre, better known as BSC, in an area favored by European Expatriates.
My Dear Aunt Julie , a woman with exquisite taste for the finer things in life was the one who brought us to this place. Unfortunately, the homewares section displayed a "no photography" request. I'm sure the management has good reasons for this . I was , however, able to take a couple of photos of the delightful local fare we had there.
House & Co. stock items from local and imported Objet d'art, one-off furniture pieces, glassware and ceramic tableware to trendy cotton Bedlinen. In a sentence, it's a one stop giftshop. Now, here's some eye candy for you!